You can be Santa too

I believe we still remember what kind of joy and excitement New Year’s Eve brought to us when we were younger. There are many reasons for it, but definitely the biggest one is getting all those Christmas gifts. Knowing that, Millennials decided to participate in traditional project which aims to gather presents for many children across our country. This year we brought smiles to children from Belgrade, Nis, Zrenjanin, Sombor, Becej, Sopot and many more. We were able to participate with donation of around 500.000 rsd, and together some other organizations like “Rotary and Rotaract clubs Skadarlija”, and “Association for Afirmation of Culture”, we gathered 850 presents with total value of $22.000. Our donators were mainly Serbian people from USA diaspora but also a lot of young people from Serbia too. We intend to continue to participate in this project and to increase focus and awareness on youngest ones through different projects in the future.


Total amount collected: 2.200.000 RSD

Number of presents: 850

Number of cities: 13

Number of Institutions: 19

Planting of 250 black pine trees

One of the main points in our work and projects is environment protection. We want to maintain and further develop green fields and create more places on which next generations can be proud of. Rapid industrialization and unsustainable development have caused a lot of damage to many countries including ours so we should be very careful with this issue. When we first heard about the project our friends from “The Soul of Mountains” we immediately called them and offered our help. Our friends got donation from “Serbia Forests” with 250 seeds for trees and this is not the first time they do projects like this. They were able to gather many Millennials and spent whole day on picnic area Dabilo near Nis in order to plant all those trees. Hopefully next generation that’s emerging will be able to enjoy in fruits of this project few decades from now.


Number of participants: 20

Organizers: The Soul of Mountains, Serbia forests

Goal: Building more green areas in Serbia

Donation to “Adligat”

If there is anyone who did not hear about or did not visit Adligat, you should change that as soon as you can. Adligat is one of the proofs that Serbia can be successful in almost everything it wants to do. Adligat is a civil society organization which operates in the area of culture, arts and furthering the international cooperation of Serbia and the rest of the world. Based in Belgrade, It operates one of the largest privately owned libraries in the Balkans with more than 1 million titles, as well as the Museum of Book and Travel and the Museum of Serbian literature. If you thought that France is the only place where you can find Napoleons artifacts, guess again. You know who has letter that Nikola Tesla wrote to Mihajlo Pupin? Where are the letter King Milan wrote to his son king Aleksandar? All those questions have same answer – its Adligat. Adligat is place where our tradition and history are kept from forgetting and we truly believe this live monument of Serbian struggle and successes will continue to stand as last defender of our tradition and culture no matter what. But we must always look after it.

Institution: Adligat

Location: Belgrade, Banjica

Donation: 20.000 rsd

Founders: Lazic family