What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Millennial?  For us it represents love, friendship, cooperation, humanity, caring for others.


About us


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Millennial? Some would say these are young people who were born somewhere between 1980-2004. For us it represents love, friendship, cooperation, humanity, caring for others. We are all witnesses of enormous technological progress  but at the same time this is still not being seen in improvement of everyday life. There are a lot of people who are starving, a lot of children without basic necessities and this is not something we agree with. We believe that time has come for a new generation of leaders to start implementing what we believe in as a standard norm in our society. Our determination is big and our dreams are even bigger.

Millennials for Serbia is a humanitarian organization that wants to improve our neighbourhoods, our cities, our country. We want to invest our time and knowledge in order to make our communities a better place to live in.  We want to fight for love, cooperation and unity and use our own example to show that. By ensuring that young people in our country have conditions to flourish and reach their full potential we believe we will be able to help our country. If you value the same virtues as we do, you are more than welcome to join us.

Our Mission

We want to ensure that young people have the opportunity to show their true potential. We want to cooperate with all institutions and stakeholders in our country to make sure young people have their voice. Fighting for education and increasing awareness of the importance of Millennial generation will always be our top priority.

Our Vision

We believe our planet and our country with it will be such a beautiful place to live in. We want to make sure there is no child without basic requirements, no student that does not have money to pay tuition, no older people left alone in their elderliness. Society where people use technology to improve their lives is what we want for our cities, our country, our planet.


You can be Santa too

I believe we still remember what kind of joy and excitement New Year’s Eve brought to us when we were younger. There are many reasons for it, but definitely the biggest one is getting all those Christmas gifts. Knowing that, Millennials decided to participate in traditional project which aims to gather presents for many children across our country. This year we brought smiles to children from Belgrade, Nis, Zrenjanin, Sombor, Becej, Sopot and many more.

Planting of 250 black pine trees

One of the main points in our work and projects is environment protection. We want to maintain and further develop green fields and create more places on which next generations can be proud of. Rapid industrialization and unsustainable development have caused a lot of damage to many countries including ours so we should be very careful with this issue.

Donation to “Adligat”

If there is anyone who did not hear about or did not visit Adligat, you should change that as soon as you can. Adligat is one of the proofs that Serbia can be successful in almost everything it wants to do. Adligat is a civil society organization which operates in the area of culture, arts and furthering the international cooperation of Serbia and the rest of the world.


One of the things we want to show special attention to are our children. There are more than enough neglected children all across our country and if we watch that and allow it to happen our society will not improve. Who knows how many new Djokovic, Tesla, Pupin are waiting to be discovered and many of them do not have basic conditions to show their true potential. Our goal is to find talented children, future leaders of our country, to invest in them and provide them with the possibility to become the best people they can be when they grow up. One of our main goals is to increase birth rate in our country and to support every idea that can lead to this result. Around 60.000 children are being born in Serbia annually and around 85.000 die every year. We want to help change that trend and many of our projects are focused on that issue.


By ensuring a higher level of education we believe we will ensure enormous prosperity for our society. New technology and the internet have allowed young people to compete on the global market and to prove their own value. There are so many young people who found a job recently on the internet working for the USA, EU and markets all over the world. Self employed people. Our world is changing at rapid speed and we need to stay in line with all those changes. Having all possible information available on a device that fits inside the pocket is something that happened suddenly and mankind is still trying to adapt to those changes. Millennial generation is the first generation in the history of mankind that has that kind of possibility. We must educate ourselves and after that educate new coming generations and how to utilize that advantage. They do not say for nothing that education is the best weapon you can use to change the world. We want to ensure it changes in the right direction.

Brain drain

One of the biggest obstacles and biggest challenges our society is facing is a huge level of brain drain. Some statistics are showing that around 50.000 people, mostly the Millennial generation is leaving our beautiful country many of them never to return. Many doctors, nurses, IT experts, machine engineers, and physical workers are leaving our country in pursuit for better opportunities. This cancer wound of our society will remain our biggest focus in the future too. We want to provide jobs for all young people that want to come back to Serbia from abroad and start their families here. We want to use knowledge of people who are already abroad and use their ideas, connections and knowledge of foreign markets to help our country. We want to make sure all Serbians worldwide are cooperating and working on one same goal – helping Serbia and people in our country.

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